Team Day Trader

OPENING DOORS instinctively for everyone, every day. It’s one of our core values: we’re constantly “Opening Doors” to move forward. A door being opened could be the representation of a successful transaction, or the opportunity given to dream and take action to make it real.

In an industry where power and influence are measured in dollars and cents, this is our most exclusive division in the firm. It has one name and no board of directors but has a roster drawn from the most successful traders. Members essentially become their own one-person firm, trading in a slew of complex products.

When you talk to any professional trader, money manager, market maker – or even a hedge fund quant – you always hear the same story. They most certainly did NOT learn the secrets and keys to successful trading from books, videos, or listening to pundits on TV. They DID spend time – as much as possible – shadowing, mentoring, & talking with other successful traders. That is how the valuable information is passed along… one-on-one.

The firm here at Pries Capital made it easy for you to get your share of this type of “exclusivity” — the kind that will set you on a course of continuous improvement & mastery.

It’s called Team Day Trader, Jason Pries’ most exclusive division in the firm, and it is the first trading community of its kind.

Team Day Trader is not a “trade room”, and here’s why. The typical “trade room” is just a sales tool for the trading coach or pundit that runs it. Individual traders go to the room and then try to mimic exactly how the sponsor trades. And it never works. It’s like watching a Tiger Woods video and hoping your eye will improve.

Team Day Trader is a true community of real professional traders like yourself. Modeled after the best investment firms, Team Day Trader members share with you all the tools on what works & what doesn’t with fellow members. No bias. No hidden agenda. No subtle “sales pitch” woven into the background. Just real traders sharing real trades.

You Are First Focus

Humanizing the financial industry. First! not as a number, not as a value in a box. It means that your achievements matter the most! Core belief composed by honest care and determination to support and invest in you.

Everyone Matters

Team Day Trader is comprised of smart, savvy people working towards a common goal and relentlessly aspiring to get there as ONE. More than partners, we are teammates, and each ONE of us is vital to our success. We work hard for each other, and this adds meaning and longevity to everything we do.

You Have A Voice

Always creating channels of communication that encourage everyone to express and be heard. It’s a pledge to create a dynamic process that sparks creativity, commitment, and action. We do not give people a voice: they have it already. It is not about what we do that makes them have a voice, it is about what we do different that makes us able to listen.

Team Day Trader

By becoming confident, knowledgeable traders, our members are empowered to build better financial futures for themselves and their families.

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