The Journey Begins

Our investors have a legacy of educating clients differently. It’s a more personal approach that goes far beyond an investment portfolio. It’s an ongoing and open dialogue about all aspects of your life, your goals and your financial vision. And it’s developing a long-term relationship built on understanding and trust. Our investors are there for you throughout the strategizing and investing process, giving you objective and unbiased education along the way. There’s an advantage to working with our firm who knows you – and your financial goals. Pries Capital Investor’s:

  • Want to understand what’s most important to you
  • Use an established process to build personal strategies to help you reach your goals
  • Will partner together throughout your life to help keep you on track

How A Real Investor Can Help

Understand what a real investor does and when you might need help.

Just Starting

Helpful resources when you are considering to work with a real investor.

Value Of A Real Investor

There is great value in working with a real investor, not only because of the knowledge and skills people can learn from real investors, but also because this type of mentoring provides professional socialization and personal support to facilitate success in one’s personal life too. Quality mentoring greatly enhances people’s chances for success. Research shows that people who experience good mentoring also have a greater chance of securing great financial assets, and/or greater career advancement potential in administration or sectors outside their sphere of influence.

A real investor can help entrepreneurs learn how to navigate many of the challenges typically faced by investing in today’s world.

A real investor is a business professional with the experience to provide personalized support, sound business advice and encouragement to help emerging entrepreneurs develop their own abilities and insights. A real investor’s value stems from the fact that they’ve “been there and done that,” giving you the opportunity to learn from their mistakes and successes.

The role of a Pries Capital Investor is to:

  • Help build your self-reliance and leadership skills.
  • Help you discover your own insights, abilities and solutions as you start and grow your financial assets.
  • Support your self-directed learning and help you come to your own conclusions and decisions.
  • Listen to your ideas and answer your questions truthfully.
  • Give emotional support while also challenging you.
  • Provide real world business advice when requested/appropriate.
  • Celebrate milestones and successes.

Being given the “answers” can make your life easier, but that isn’t the primary type of support a real investor provides. Our investor’s will enable you and provide opportunities for you to learn how to solve problems and make decisions, ultimately helping you to help yourself.

Making Good Choices

Why is working with a real investor so important?

Proprietary Trading Firm

What is Proprietary Trading?

Proprietary trading refers to a financial firm or commercial bank that invests for direct market gain rather than earning commission dollars by trading on behalf of clients. Also known as “prop trading,” this type of trading activity occurs when a financial firm chooses to profit from market activities rather than thin-margin commissions obtained through client trading activity. Proprietary trading may involve the trading of stocks, bonds, commodities, currencies or other instruments.

Key Takeaway

Proprietary traders may execute
an assortment of market
strategies that include index
arbitrage, statistical arbitrage,
merger arbitrage, fundamental
analysis, volatility arbitrage,
technical analysis and/or
global macro trading.

Financial firms or commercial banks that engage in proprietary trading believe they have a competitive advantage that will enable them to earn an annual return that exceeds index investing, bond yield appreciation or other investment styles.

How Does Proprietary Trading Work?

Proprietary trading, which is also known as “prop trading,” occurs when a trading desk at a financial institution, brokerage firm, investment bank, hedge fund or other liquidity source uses the firm’s capital and balance sheet to conduct self-promoting financial transactions. These trades are usually speculative in nature, executed through a variety of derivatives or other complex investment vehicles.

Benefits of Proprietary Trading

There are many benefits that proprietary trading provides a financial institution or commercial bank, most notably higher quarterly and annual profits. When a brokerage firm or investment bank trades on behalf of clients, it earns revenues in the form of commissions and fees. This income can represent a very small percentage of the total amount invested or the gains generated, but the process also allows an institution to realize 100% of the gains earned from an investment.

Trader Opportunities

Our calling is finding and developing great traders, giving them the tools to be successful.