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Investor newsletters are among the most convenient tools for novice investors to learn their first steps in financial markets. The best investment newsletters are also a great way for advanced traders and market geeks to keep up with the pace of the ever-evolving market conditions and stay ahead of the news. All this indicates the massive importance of financial newsletters for all types of market participants.

Pries CapitalAn Investment Firm

Is dedicated to educating
individual investors & our
investment clubs. These premier
investment newsletters,
published in both print and
digital formats, provides critical
investment information and
education as well as stock ideas
to help you achieve your
long-term goals.

Written by chartered financial analysts, certified financial planners, other investment experts, & members of our community. Pries Capital Investor Newsletters helps team members make informed investment decisions.

Finding Value

Our firms’ approach is unique as to how we work through 100’s upon 100’s of charts per week. We summarize the different asset classes into comprehensive written and video formats that help our clients understand where to be focused in the market. There are different ways to be involved in the market and they all need different strategies.

For day traders and extremely short time frame swing traders, this site is very much directed at you as well. It is easier to trade when the trend of the market is going in your direction. Understanding the big picture can be very helpful. Sometimes the narrow-minded view works great, where you just ignore everything around you and concentrate on price on one chart. Other times, understanding sector and industry trends can help you prioritize where to focus your trading efforts.

For longer time frame investors that want to avoid the market completely during minor and major down trends this membership will help you immensely. You also want to be in when the big moves are starting and running.

For longer time frame investors that want to rotate through the market from growth to defensive positioning to growth positioning and continuing to always be invested, you’ll enjoy this type of analysis.

Morning Analysis

Start your trading day right by joining Jason Pries every morning before the RTH market opens for his market analysis.

Market Reports

A monthly outlook for active traders where our firm provides a more informed overview of the current markets picture.

Economic Papers

For unique investors providing the best macroeconomic research and how it influences the growth/inflation investment landscape!

Team members & nonmembers alike will benefit from our free online trading & investment publications. As a Team Member you will have access to our exclusive investor publications. Some examples of exclusive investor publications included in your membership- Economics Research & Stock to Study. Free online investor information & resources are also published on our firms’ website.

Stocks To Study

Every month Pries Capital Advisory Committee, comprising volunteer chartered financial analysts who support Pries Capital principles, meets to select Stocks to Study for investor informational and educational use.

The Bottom Line

Investors should never rely on a single source of information, whether that source of information is a newsletter, an expert opinion, a financial news article, social media or a brokerage recommendation. Instead, investors should attempt to collect as much information as possible before forming their own independent judgment which they can then incorporate into their overall investment strategy.

Investors that research available newsletters with good long-term reputations, and then incorporate them into their investment program may find value. However, investors who subscribe to stock selection or market timing services and then attempt to specifically replicate the newsletter’s suggested portfolio are unlikely to be successful.

There are many kinds of newsletters available and investors must decide which is most appropriate to their investment style. Furthermore, investors must determine whether the cost of the newsletter equals the value it provides. Importantly, investors should never utilize a newsletter (or any other source of information) as their only input into the investment process. Multiple, independent, and often conflicting sources of information are important if an investor is to reach the best conclusion as to the future course of the market and their investment portfolio.

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