Investment Club

Develop the skills of a professional individual stock investor…

Pries Capital – Investment Clubs provide a safe & supportive environment for investors to learn the skill of stock investing in a collaborative environment where investors of any experience level can share their knowledge with each other.

An Investment Club is a group of people – generally 10 to 20 – who come together once a month for investing in stocks on a regular basis, review studies of growth companies presented by club, & select one or more stocks to buy, hold, or sell in a well-diversified portfolio based on an unique investing methodology.

We’re dedicated to teaching you how to become a successful long-term stock investor by helping you become more engaged in the process of making your own investment decisions. An Investment Club is the perfect structure to put in place to help facilitate the ideal environment where “Learning” meets “Doing”. We’ll show you how to apply the unique investing methodology to maximize your return while managing potential risks all in the company of your fellow Investment Club Members.

Pries Capital – Investment Clubs have two simple goals:

  1. Learn how to identify good quality growth companies using a unique investing methodology.
  2. Learn how to invest in these companies at a price that will result in a gain.

These Investment Clubs should help you achieve your goals by providing you with the information & any resources you need to be successful!

Our Exclusive Clubs

The firm provides individuals with an opportunity to belong in our exclusive investment clubs, participate in the operation, and take any insight back home in your own investing. (recommended for locals to Myrtle Beach only)

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