Freedom Real Estate

Working together as business-minded professionals pursuing personal liberty, and freedom from conformity. Challenging the routine of a self-employed survivor, to a spirit of legacy, building a business of value that will result in Business freedom.


Fostering the real estate professional success by supporting the journey towards becoming true business owners. Business-minded professionals can shift their career on the go, instead of being reactive, gain the power to run your own business.


Devoting in time and resources that empower the real estate professional so you can achieve greater success, faster! Along with free business tools, technology, coaching and support, Tina Pries Team continues putting the real estate professionals first. By investing in our people, we’re building more than a brand; we’re building a movement.


Let’s lead the industry with bold and creative ways that could forever change things for the better. Our rapid growth has been achieved, and continues, because we know the actions, we take today impact our tomorrow. We don’t wait for change; we make change happen.

Join The Family

Tina Pries Team is a family of passionate people, working together to help so many fulfill their dreams. Whether it’s to build a real estate profession or a portfolio of real estate assets, we want to do it together.

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