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We’re redefining real estate. And for us, it’s simple: create an environment where the real estate professional is empowered to achieve greater success. Technology won’t replace the agent but the real estate professional, armed with the right technology and support, is the future.

Our Culture

At Pries Capital, we’re
a family of equals
who are proud of
each other and what
we are building and
creating alongside
one another.

Tailored Solutions For An Evolving Industry

The Real Estate Solutions Investment team at Pries Capital guides clients that serve all aspects of the commercial, construction, multifamily and residential real estate markets. With a deep understanding of all elements in this unique, highly regulated and nuanced multi-trillion-dollar market, this skilled team of professionals employs a client-centric approach, offering individualized and personalized guidance to everyone. As valuations for real estate in this evolving sector continue to grow, our collaborative team of experienced real estate professionals are highly proficient at creating innovative strategies to differentiate each client from the growing list of market opportunities.

Real Estate Solutions Sub-sector Expertise

  • Development
  • Construction
  • Marketing
  • Mortgage/ Leasing
  • Tenant/ Lease Management
  • Property/ Facility Services
  • Accounting/ Reporting
  • Risk Management/ Analytics


A professional agent understands and works hard to make the process of buying exciting and simple.


Our firm believes that the value of real estate is more than just walls and finishes. Real estate provides a lifestyle and a story.


Working together as business-minded professionals pursuing personal liberty, and freedom from conformity.

Leader In Real Estate

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