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Pries Capital – An Investment Firm is always working hard for individual investors to create a program of sound investment information, education, and support that helps create successful lifetime investors!

“For Real Investors – By Real Investors – Meet Your Peers”

Our Investment Stocks To Study are for any individual investor, where our firm provides a starting point in finding great stocks. With more than 65,000 stocks available around the world, it can be difficult to select the right ones for you. Pries Capital’s stock selection methodology is designed to help you identify quality growth companies you can use to build and maintain a profitable stock portfolio. Our firm is very selective about the types of stocks we mention. These Investment Stocks To Study are to provide subscribers with a library of completed stock reports provided by our firm that can be used to get stock ideas for your own portfolio, or for you to use to compare with your own study. The companies listed exhibit quality characteristics that are prized by Jason and Tina Pries personally.

This Entire Subscription is Geared Toward Helping You Identify Companies to Consider Studying as Potential Investments


If price of a stock follows the company’s earnings, you should search for growth companies.


Committed to quality investments, we don’t promote the hottest stock you heard on TV last night.


A strategy to help make sure your investments aren’t condensed in a certain type or area.


Remember, investing is not a sprint, but a marathon. Never lose sight of the importance of time.

Below is a video describing what to expect in our Investment Stocks To Study:

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Pries Capital subscribers only get this access, but our firm would like everyone to be able to access this information, so there is an opportunity for a trial period to prove to you the great value Pries Capital provides. Our firm will also periodically email FREE Investment Stocks To Study to the general public as we showcase our work, so be sure to register here if you’d like to receive these FREE potential investments. So, join us in the opportunities as we quickly narrow the options down to find solid candidates for any size investment portfolio.

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Have you had ENOUGH of it… Losing money on worthless strategies promising to make you millions without even lifting a finger? The Pries Capital community is an invaluable resource of dedicated, experienced investors who take their time & expertise to serve as instructors and mentors to both individual investors and the investment club. Our real investors are savvy, active stock traders as well as long-term shareholders. By becoming confident, knowledgeable investors, our subscribers are empowered to build better financial futures for themselves and their families.

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You CAN take control of your finances and build the type of life people will envy.

Very Important: These investment stocks to study are for educational purposes only. We are not suggesting or implying anywhere in the analysis that you should rush out and invest your hard-earned money in the financial markets. In fact, we specifically encourage you to invest on a paper account without risking any of your hard-earned money first. Never! Never! Never! Put money into anything you don’t fully understand. This is where these investment stocks to study come into play and help you understand. All professional concepts about approaching investing with the right expectations are included in courses, subscriptions, and events throughout the website.

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