Morning Market Analysis

Pries Capital – An Investment Firm is always working hard for day traders to create the essential elements of a consistently profitable trading community for you!

“For Day Traders – By Day Traders – Meet Your Peers”

Our Daily Morning Market Analysis is for active day traders, where you start your trading day right by joining the founder, Jason Pries, every morning Tuesday thru Friday released around 8:30 a.m. EST for the Morning Market Analysis where he’ll discuss market auction profile, his trader worksheet, trading action from the overnight session, share his market analysis, outline trades on his radar for the day, and discusses the important news events affecting the markets. Don’t you worry neither, because every daily analysis comes with visual charts, so you will never miss out and can use while trading on your own time. Real Actionable Value in Our Daily Morning Market Analysis.

In Finance, a Trading Strategy is a Fixed Plan That is Designed to Achieve a Profitable Return by Going Long or Short in Markets

Value Area & Pivots

Your daily Value Area & Pivot inputs for your TOS ThinkScripts Market Internals Pack.

Good Morning Everyone

Understanding how market participants are positioned is critical to your day trading.

Things To Notice

You WANT a High Probability Trade Setup, NOT analysis paralysis multiple scenarios.

Going Into The Day

Know where Initiating & Responsive Activity is located at specific Key Levels on the charts.

Below is a video describing what to expect in our Morning Market Analysis:

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Pries Capital subscribers only get this access, but our firm would like everyone to be able to access this information, so there is an opportunity for a trial period to prove to you the great value Jason Pries provides. Our firm will also periodically email FREE Morning Market Analysis to the general public as we showcase our work, so be sure to register here if you’d like to receive these FREE reports. So, join us every Tuesday thru Friday morning around 8:30 a.m. EST and have a great understanding of what the market is preparing to do.

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For an unforgettable time in your life, you can work directly with Pries Capital learning the same skills our firm uses to profitably trade the market each day. Let us show you how to overcome your fears, beat back your trading demons, and… “Take the Stress Out of Trading”

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If your goal is to become an INDEPENDENT consistently profitable trader, then you simply won’t find a better daily market analysis anywhere.

Very Important: This daily morning market analysis is for educational purposes only. We are not suggesting or implying anywhere in the analysis that you should rush out and invest your hard-earned money in the financial markets. In fact, we specifically encourage you to day trade on a paper account without risking any of your hard-earned money first. Never! Never! Never! Put money into anything you don’t fully understand. This is where this daily morning market analysis comes in. All professional concepts about approaching trading with the right expectations are included in courses, subscriptions, and events throughout the website.

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