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Our Monthly Market Trading Report is for any active trader, where our firm provides an unfiltered and more informed overview of the current technical picture in the markets we trade. Get the inside track every 2nd Sunday of the month with Pries Capital’s chart of the month, economic news of interest, the month ahead in index charts, and any single stock charts of interest. These Market Trading Reports are also unique in that no matter what, Jason Pries will personally add his honest opinion on the business news, and any rumors that are making headlines around the world.

If You Want to Advance in Your Life, You’ll Need to Make Smart Financial Decisions and Develop the Confidence to Clearly Communicate Those Decisions to Others

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Below is a video describing what to expect in our Market Trading Report:

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Pries Capital subscribers only get this access, but our firm would like everyone to be able to access this information, so there is an opportunity for a trial period to prove to you the great value Pries Capital provides. Our firm will also periodically email FREE Market Trading Reports to the general public as we showcase our work, so be sure to register here if you’d like to receive these FREE reports. So, join us every Sunday evening around 7:00 p.m. EST and have a great understanding of what the market is preparing to do for the month.

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It’s Time to Get Excited… You’re about to receive one of the most actionable monthly market trading reports ever created. Designed exclusively for home-based traders who are looking to gain the skills used by professional proprietary traders, Pries Capital’s monthly report delivers the most comprehensive technical analysis, trade plan development, risk management, & trading psychology anywhere in the world.

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Very Important: This market trading report is for educational purposes only. We are not suggesting or implying anywhere in the report that you should rush out and invest your hard-earned money in the financial markets. In fact, we specifically encourage you to day trade on a paper account without risking any of your hard-earned money first. Never! Never! Never! Put money into anything you don’t fully understand. This is where this market trading report comes in. All professional concepts about approaching trading with the right expectations are included in courses, subscriptions, and events throughout the website.

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