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Pries Capital – An Investment Firm is always working hard for institutional investors to create the best economic research and how it influences the investment landscape!

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Our Economic Research Papers are for any individual investor, where our firm understands individual investors are a significant focus for investor relations professionals. Pries Capital strives to publish theoretical and empirical articles that span the entire range of macroeconomics and monetary economics. More specifically, our firm is concerned with the theoretical or empirical aspects of the following broadly defined topics: economic growth, economic fluctuations, the effects of monetary and fiscal policy, the political aspects of macroeconomics, exchange rate determination and other elements of open economy macroeconomics, the macroeconomics of income inequality, and macroeconomic forecasting. These Economic Research Papers are to challenge conventional wisdom and advance ideas to better serve society.

Driving Research Forward and Exploring the Economics Landscape for the Good of Humanity


Macroeconomics is the branch of economics that studies the economy as a whole.


Focusing on three things: National output, unemployment rate, and inflation data.


Governments predominantly use monetary and fiscal policy to stabilize the economy.


Central banks mainly use monetary policy to increase or decrease the money supply.

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I’m here to tell you… There is HOPE! Pries Capital is trying to make economics a relevant field of study. The economics discipline has focused on narrow mathematical models that only work on paper. A healthy society depends on an understanding of economics that is reality-based. We are developing resources for individual investors interested in exploring new economic thinking.

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Tired of poor forecasting performance from so called ACADEMIA ECONOMIST that have the inability to accurately predict anything, and never seem to give you anything actionable…

Very Important: These economic research papers are for educational purposes only. We are not suggesting or implying anywhere in the research that you should rush out and invest your hard-earned money in the financial markets. In fact, we specifically encourage you to invest on a paper account without risking any of your hard-earned money first. Never! Never! Never! Put money into anything you don’t fully understand. This is where these economic research papers come into play and help you understand. All professional concepts about approaching investing with the right expectations are included in courses, subscriptions, and events throughout the website.

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