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Pries Capital – An Investment Firm strives to be the first place investors go to for their economic research and financial market strategy. Pries Capital is unique from our decades of experience in identifying shifts in the global economy, and assessing how they influence the investment landscape. We are real life investors who put our capital, not others people’s money, at risk in order to capture great opportunities in the market, and in so doing helps our clients make well-informed financial decisions.

Comprehensive and Unbiased Stock Trading/Investing

As real stock investors in the markets, Pries Capital – An Investment Firm is here to help you become a successful stock trader/investor.

We do not manage your money, nor do we give advice on which stocks to purchase or sell. However, we do teach you how to day trade this complex financial market and select high quality growth companies using our methods. Our market analysis and education will help you to invest successfully on your own, or as a partner in an investment club. Every aspect of our subscription is aimed at educating and success.

Pries Capital’s Private Access Subscription Package

  • Legacy | Wealth | Preservation Series
  • Monthly Outlook Market Trading Reports
  • Quarterly Macro-Economic Research Papers
  • Real Estate Research Data
  • Investment Stocks to Study Portfolio

All for an inexpensive annual subscription payment of $960. You can click here to register.

Our Custom Package

We can cater to the specific needs of a client with options such as speaking engagements/events, special reports, in-house presentations, etc.  Please contact us for more information.


We’re following the market technically to provide information relevant to your trading.


Each month we provide a more informed overview of the stock market and forward looking economic news.


Our perspective on important economic topics to help you make decisions affecting your financial strategy.

Investment Stocks

Have access to our stock ideas, stock lists, stock screens and stock reports.

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