Day Trading Education

Jump-Start Your Day Trading Education Today! Ever feel confused, frustrated, overwhelmed, & overloaded when it comes to trading. Sick & tired of losing money on worthless strategies promising to make you millions without even lifting a finger. Tired of empty promises from so called “gurus” that promise you the moon, but never teach you anything actionable…

I’m here to tell you: There is HOPE. You CAN take control of your trading & build the type of life your family, friends, & neighbors will envy. For an unforgettable time in your life, you can work directly with our day trading division, Team Day Trader, learning the same skills they use to profitably trade the market each day. Let us show you how to overcome your fears, beat back your trading demons, and… “Take the Stress Out of Trading”.

It’s time to get excited! You’re about to join one of the most successful education courses ever created. Designed exclusively for home-based traders who are looking to gain the skills used by professional proprietary traders, our program delivers the most comprehensive training on technical analysis, trade plan development, risk management, & trading psychology anywhere in the world. If your goal is to become an INDEPENDENT consistently profitable trader, then you simply won’t find a better training program anywhere.


Take your day trading journey to the next level with “Jason Pries Professional Day Trader” mentorship program.

Social Events

Planned events which could involve small or large groups of people, generally arranged and advertised by our firm.

Exclusive Content

An unprecedented and unique opportunity of a bonus 43+ hours exclusive day trading content never seen before.

Investment Club

Like your own small-scale mutual fund where decisions are made by a group of individuals who each contribute for the shared benefit of the group membership.

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