Day Trade Setup Types

As we all should know, the financial markets are a great example of a complex system – or a system featuring many interacting components whose aggregate activity is nonlinear. In other words, there is no supercomputer in the world powerful enough to decipher what’s going to happen next, given the millions of individual traders & investors transacting for millions of different reasons.

Jason Pries:

Day Trade Setup Types
are designed to help
day traders make sense
of the chaos.

Instead of trying to individually analyze millions of transactions, these Day Trade Setup Types visualize data from large groups of transactions. The idea is that certain price patterns can be indicative of the market’s aggregate mood or psychology at a given point in time.

The firm here at Pries Capital spends a lot of time back-testing & studying these Day Trade Setup Types, using them in practice, & learning their finer points in order to become proficient in chart analysis.

It’s worth noting that these Day Trade Setup Types appear self-explanatory but using them in practice is more of an art than a science. It’s also worth noting that these Day Trade Setup Types that our firm lives by & teach to my many clients are certainly not 100%-win rate, but they are a suitable place to start for any new trader who’s looking to shorten their learning curve.

With that said, “We have great challenges & great opportunities, and with our help we’ll meet them together!” – Jason Pries

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