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Jason Pries Disguise Failure

Question: Do They Want You To Fail?

o they want you to fail, because your success is their failure? While it is ultimately up to each person to produce and aim for success, whatever success means for them, I know for a fact this over-simplified, sloganeering doctrine …

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Jason Pries Woman 1b

Two Questions You Should Ask Yourself

recently spoke at a conference in Silicon Valley and I was pleased to stay for the rest of the event afterwards. The final speaker, Connie Podesta, said something which struck my curiosity. She said, “I am going to share the …

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Late Cycle of the U.S. Economy

In this animated video, we walk through the recent history of the Late Cycle of the U.S. economy, exploring peak corporate profits in 2014 to today’s lackluster growth. Now, I’d love to hear from you. What part of this conversation …

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