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2 Types of Failure in the World…

think there are two types of failure in the world. I call them “Practical Failure” & “True Failure”. Practical Failure is what happens when you try something & it doesn’t work or doesn’t turn out how you planned. Everyone has …

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5 Adult Behaviors Keeping You Broke

o you consider yourself an adult? Do you have a regular nine-to-five job? Health insurance? Married with kids maybe? Or just starting your first “corporate” career? Welcome to adulthood… But, are you still living paycheck to paycheck? No savings? Struggling …

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5 Ways to Grow Your Business Today

tart growing your business right away with these simple stupid tips below… Yup, that’s right, these five simple things you can do right now & you should be able to learn them in under five minutes… Who can you partner …

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Jason Pries Professional Video Gamer

Are You A Video Gamer? Thrive As A Trader!

Jonathan Wendel earned $454,544. He is very similar to us traders in many ways despite being a professional video gamer. Academics have in fact identified the roles that professional gamers adopt — such as Explorers, Sentinels, Analysts, and Campaigners. Not …

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Jason Pries Alpha Male

Be An Alpha Male

have an important newsflash. You’re a man. You’re a bro. And if you haven’t heard, your testosterone levels are dropping. And they’re not dropping when you’re 60—they’re dropping today. Research indicates that men’s testosterone levels are more than 20 percent …

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