iithink there are two types of failure in the world.

I call them “Practical Failure” & “True Failure”.

Practical Failure is what happens when you try something & it doesn’t work or doesn’t turn out how you planned. Everyone has had this type of failure. I asked my wife, Tina, out for almost 2 years before she said yes. That was 2 years of failure before success. Did that failure hurt? Absolutely… But this kind of failure is the kind we can learn from, develop new solutions from & grow.

The other kind of failure, True Failure, is the just giving up kind. It’s letting a practical failure or even several of these kinds of failures stop you from trying anything. It ends with you not trying to change, not trying to improve, or even making a commitment so creativity can flow. This type of failure can alter your outlook in a negative way, lead to depression, just giving up & accepting what life decides to toss your way.

If anyone knows me personally throughout my life, I’ve failed a lot. But that means I’ve tried a lot of different things too. And I never experienced True Failure.

That’s the good news. I think that we fear failure so much because we think those around us will think less of us & look down on us or think we’re stupid… And that couldn’t be further from the truth. Most people are so wrapped up in their own world, with their own problems that they don’t even notice your failure or your pain. The lesson for your personal & professional life is that no matter how massive we think our failure is, how painful it is, it’s not even a blip to others & life goes on. Don’t get me wrong, failure will, & does hurt. But learning from it, growing from it, & trying again will lead you to success.

If someone offered you help to avoid failure, would you take it? Would you decide that yes, you want advice & guidance from someone who is open about their failures, what has worked & what hasn’t in their professional life/career?

I’m offering you just that with our TeamDayTrader.com/membership Program.

Is your business stalling out? Is your career flat & unsatisfying to you? Are you just doing the bear minimum instead of working to your true potential? Team Day Trader can help you in so many ways. We hold you accountable for creating success & trying new things to reach your goals. We’ll walk you through our missteps, through how we achieved success. You’ll have daily live real time meetings lead by myself & a team with others in our group. We’ll discuss specifically what you can do to create success in your life.

Don’t be afraid of failure, but more importantly, don’t be afraid of success. Be great, NO, Be Fucking Awesome“!

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